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Afterword, by Hoshizora Meteo

How did you like “Fire Girl”?

If you were able to escape from the hectic hours and gloominess of everyday life for even a short time and enjoy this adventure on an unknown planet as the protagonist Hinooka Homura’s fellow traveller while turning these pages, then I’m thankful.

Umm, I think there are some readers familiar with me, but as formality, I’ll introduce myself.

I, the incompetent Hoshizora Meteo, am a writer and game planner who works for the Notes-brand company TYPE-MOON. I do things like writing scenarios for anime productions and helping with game text. This is my first light novel which I wrote in between doing such jobs.


Since this is the first afterword of this series, I’ll start with thanks and apologies—(Rather, I don’t have anything else to write about here.)

First, BUNBUN-san, who was put in charge of character designs and illustrations.

The vague images of the characters that I had while I wrote were abruptly given life and substance thanks to BUNBUN-san’s diverse and attractive designs. When I re-read the story for myself while imagining the faces of the Exploration Club members, I really felt their presence and passion, as if I had mysteriously discovered them all over again, and it made me want to play in this world more.

Rounin-san, who was put in charge of background illustrations and artistic settings.

I sighed in admiration at his brush strokes, which truly conveyed the magnificent atmosphere of Nutella, and his artistic sense, which weaved together factors that mixed illusion and reality.

No words can properly convey the gratitude I feel for these two illustrators, who struggled hard to go beyond the bounds of their normal work amidst their harsh and busy schedules. Thank you both so much.

I also owe deep gratitude to my boss Takeuchi Takashi-san, who zealously took charge of the coordinated producing and visual editing of this work.

There are others who greatly helped me as well. This experience really made me come to admire the many and varied people who are all part of making and publishing just a single volume of a novel.


I am also grateful to my friends who gave me advice while writing—

K-san, who told me about true stories from a genuine Exploration Club. I still don’t have anywhere near enough resolve and diligence to directly face you, and you’re probably quite displeased. Sorry, but I think I’ll always be like this.

The manga author Nakamura Tetsuya-san, who taught me about interesting stories of the Wandervogel movement1. If it seems like Homura’s stupidity-level increased, that might be Nakamura-san’s fault?

The manga author Koume Keito-san, who I ended up consulting with about certain details. If the number of fans of Koma-senpai increased, it’s thanks to Koume-san.

Lastly, Nasu Kinoko-san, who gave me his impressions of this volume’s first manuscript. I received important pointers from him that caused me to add an entire chapter to the manuscript afterwards. When I look back, this was an indispensable component for this volume.

Thank you so much, all of you.


By the way, it seems that this series is planned to encompass three volume arcs. A total of six books. Seriously?

If luck is on my side and the next volume is published, this time I want to explore not just Nutella, but the Earth-side world of the Exploration Club as well.

Those who are interested in the continuation of the adventures of Hinooka Homura and her comrades, thank you and please continue to support this series.

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(1) Wandervogel: A back-to-nature youth movement that originated at the end of the nineteenth century in Germany and later spread to Japan. It focuses on outdoor activities such as mountaineering and youth independence.

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