Vol 2-1 Chapter 6 Complete!

Chapter 6 is now posted. This chapter mostly deals with the aftermath of the previous chapter while setting things up for the main event of this volume that starts in the next chapter. (Along with the usual little bits of comedy between Homura and the others, of course.) I hope you enjoy reading this chapter and look forward to the next update.

P.S. Has anyone ever tried flat lemon ice cream before? (This chapter has gotten me really curious about it, but I don’t know of anywhere to get it where I live.)

Vol 2-1 Chapter 5 Complete!

All right, Chapter 5 is posted! And for those who haven’t guessed, the chapter end image this time isn’t from a scene that occurs or is mentioned in passing in the chapter, but is an obvious hint to (part of) the reason why the character who made a surprise appearance here came to the SA. I had a real good laugh the first time I saw it, let me tell you. I really gotta hand it to the author and illustrator for making such illustrations that are nearly as entertaining and informative as the story itself.

Vol 2-1 Chapter 4 Complete!

Chapter 4 is in, and with it the start of the anticipated Summer Assembly. As you might expect, there’s a lot of talking and explaining in this chapter and it contains a lot of technical terms that I had to scramble to look up on Google, but the basic science and technology mentioned here is all grounded in reality, so hopefully readers found it interesting. However, as expected of the protagonists, the main attraction starts next chapter when the Seiran High club begins their own presentation and causes a stir, letting us see a different side of the Exploration Club. Look forward to seeing it soon.

Vol 2-1 Chapter 3 Complete!

Sorry for the month-long wait for this chapter! December was… well, it was busy and hectic for me in a lot of senses, especially over the holidays where I was away from my computer for days at a time, and the new year had already rolled around before I realized it. My life has finally calmed down, however, and I can get back to translating regularly again.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this chapter, where several new and eccentric characters are introduced to start off this volume’s journey into the inner workings of the Exploration at large. As always, feel free to voice your opinions and reactions in the comments section. Also, a belatedly Happy New Year everyone! Here’s hoping that this project makes a lot of progress in 2017.

Vol 2-1 Chapter 2 Complete!

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this chapter (despite what it may seem, honestly).

Second chapter complete and posted! Here, we finally get to meet the rumored Inari, who gives quite a first impression to the Homura and Touya. (Seriously, even I had to reread the text twice before I believed what I was reading.) This, however, is the last introductory chapter of this volume, as the next chapter finally starts the main plot of this arc along with the introduction of a lot of new characters all at once. Until then.

Volume 2 Start!! Vol 2-1 Color Illustrations and Chapter 1 Complete!

Long time no see, everyone. Sorry for taking so long to start the Volume 2-1, a lot of little things and unexpected problems piled up for both myself and the other project contributors, and before I knew it, four months had passed since volume 1 was finished. Well, I can happily declare that the hiatus is over, and I’m back to translating Fire Girl again.

We now move onto the first part of the second volume arc of Fire Girl, titled “Phantom Limb Tiger of the White Peak”, where we learn about the Exploration Club in more detail and meet a lot of new characters. Along with the first chapter, the color illustrations have also been completed and uploaded here. Since this volume has more pages than the previous ones yet has fewer and therefore longer chapters, updates might be a bit less frequent, but I’ll strive to complete new chapters at a regular pace.

With all that out of the way, I hope you all enjoy reading the next chapter of Homura and the Exploration Club’s (mis)adventures! Feel free to comment as always.

Volume 1 Part 2 PDF And Epub

Aloha everyone, DevilHands here with the new release. I know many of you have been waiting for this and we appreciate your patience. So without further ado.

1-2 Cover (Small)


– DH