Vol 2-2 Chapter 17 Complete! And Important Announcement!

Hey guys, today I have an important announcement to make along with the release of Chapter 17: I have been accepted for a job in Japan for a 1-year contract, and I’ll be heading there around the beginning of January. Obviously, this is a big change, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so I’m committed to do it. As such, I’m afraid that this will greatly impact my translating pace, especially in January and the first half of February where I’ll be focusing on adjusting to my new work and life there, but don’t worry, I don’t intend to abandon Fire Girl before seeing it to completion. I hope you’ll all wish me luck on my new endeavor, and look forward to (hopefully) improved translation from immersing myself in the Japanese language and culture over the course of 2018. Until then, please enjoy the latest chapter as always and feel free to leave comments.

-Eternal Dreamer

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7 thoughts on “Vol 2-2 Chapter 17 Complete! And Important Announcement!

  1. well, honestly I envy you, I want to go to japan too, but you really have to fun there, and work hard 🙂

    A question… now that you are there, are you gonna scan the other rest 4 volumes? you know, those that aren’t scanned anywhere


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