Vol 2-2 Color Illustrations and Chapter 12 Complete!

Long time no see, guys! Sorry for the total silence these past three months, but what with the final edits and various little things that cropped up IRL (like me getting a new job, for one), it took longer than I expected to return to translating. But I’m back now and I bring with me the first chapter of Vol 2-2, along with the color illustrations (this time with a girls-only bath scene!). I’m going to have to be honest with you guys, though, this volume will probably take a while to complete. As I mentioned previously, this is a monster of a book, totaling at a little over 600 pages with some very long chapters mixed in. Right now, I’m setting myself the goal of getting one to three chapters done a month to keep a steady pace that works with my current work schedule, so I definitely won’t be finished before the New Year. So just a heads-up that you’re in for an especially long ride this time. But I can guarantee it will be a fun one, as this volume finally brings Homura and the gang back to exploring Nutella at full force, and in a much more expansive way than the previous volumes. As always, I hope you all enjoy reading the new chapter, and look forward to more soon.

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