Vol 1-2 Chapter 14 Complete!

All right, after month than a month of break, I finally bring you the first chapter of Volume 1-2! (Well, technically, it’s labeled Chapter 14, but you get the idea.) Though, you wouldn’t think there had been any break between volumes at all, with the way this chapter just jumps right back into the story without any prelude. As I said before, this is just the continuation of the Volume 1 story arc as a whole, and this second half starts off quite nicely, with the immediate introduction of a new character and some insight into the Magic system that was briefly introduced in the previous volume (though it requires the use of some actual hard logic to understand, unlike other fantasy stories, which is actually refreshing in a way). Also, I highly recommend looking at the color illustrations, which are just as beautiful as the last volume’s and show some of the upcoming highlights of Volume 1-2. The next chapter will also be ready soon, so please look forward to it.

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