Vol 1-1 Chapter 13 and Commentary Complete! Volume End!!!

At last, it’s done! The first volume of Fire Girl is finally finished with the completion of the last chapter! But, if you read it, you’ll notice it doesn’t really feel like an “ending” that you’re used to from light novel volumes, right? That’s because, as I explained at the beginning, Fire Girl is an unusual series in that its numbered volumes are divided into two or three books each, so it’s more like we’ve reached the break at the mid-point of one long, continuous story arc. We’ll be jumping right back into the story when Volume 1-2 starts (with the first chapter being pointedly numbered “Chapter 14”). I’ll be starting the next volume soon, after I give my editors some time to do through the entire volume and prepare it for the final PDF/ePub version, but in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy the special commentary at the end of this volume that replaces the usual author afterword, which is written by Nasu Kinoko of Type-Moon.

Let’s meet again in the next volume!

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6 thoughts on “Vol 1-1 Chapter 13 and Commentary Complete! Volume End!!!

  1. Thank you for the first volume. I’m really liking this novel so far and the commentary was also kind of interesting. Looking forward to the next volume. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for your work! I’ve greatly enjoyed this series so far, looking forward to seeing where we’ll be going in the future!


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