Vol 1-1 Chapter 2 Complete!

All right, the second chapter is done! Since this series has shorter chapters that are more seamless compared to regular light novels, I’m not going to bother dividing each chapter up into different parts, and instead post each one as a whole. I’ve also changed the progress bar above so you guys can see the overall progress of the volume.

In any case, please enjoy the chapter!

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4 thoughts on “Vol 1-1 Chapter 2 Complete!

  1. Thank you for the relatively fast and good quality releases! Keep op the good work. I find the premise and main character combination this time somewhat refreshing, and the art looks very YuYuYu, so I look forward for more. How many volumes of this are around so far, anyway?


    • Currently, there are three “volumes” out that are divided into separate parts that are equivalent to regular-length light novels; the first volume (two parts), the second volume (two parts), and the third volume (three parts), though the final part of the third volume has yet to be released, and I haven’t heard any word of how many volumes they plan to release in total.


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