Regarding the Art

Since this was the first thing people asked and I expect more people will do so increasingly, I’ll address this issue now. As most of you will notice, the art of FG is extremely similar to that of the illustrator abec’s for Sword Art Online. However, the illustrator for Fire Girl is an entirely different person who goes under the pen-name BUNBUN. Now, there has been speculation about the two being the same person, but it has been officially stated that abec is a young girl who only recently graduated high school, while BUNBUN is a middle-aged man, and the two of them are acquaintances who used to be in the same doujin circle, hence the similarities between their art styles. Even so, the subject brings up a lot of heated discussion by those who find the similarities too great to ignore, but the two illustrators have stated their case and I find no reason to doubt them. Whatever you might think of the matter, please try not to take up space in the comments section debating it, since it deviates from the point of this project site. Thank you for your understanding.

-Eternal Dreamer

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3 thoughts on “Regarding the Art

  1. Well, I understand why people would confuse abec and BUNBUN. Personally, I aalso believed that they were the same, but for some reason, after reading the Yuusha novels (illustrated by BUNBUN), their artstyles have become clearly different for me. Maybe because of the feeling they give, but the illustrations for this novel don’t give the feeling that abec was the one that did them


    • Well, like I said, there’s a lot that indicates they are the same person, but BUNBUN and abec themselves haven’t admitted to it (as far as I know, I can’t say I’ve read every article regarding them), so I’ve decided to treat them as different people just to simplify things regardless of what the reality is. That’s just my personal stance, though.


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