Current Progress

Volume 2-1 Total Progress: 80% (Last Updated 04/17/17)

Vol 2-1 Chapter 10 Complete!

And here’s Chapter 10! Less action in this one, but I think you’ll find it interesting all the same, especially the scene at the end. There’s only one chapter left now, but it’s the longest one in this volume, exceeding 80 pages in length, so the next update might take longer than usual. Please be patient and enjoy this chapter in the meantime.

Vol 2-1 Chapter 9 Complete!

All right, Chapter 9 is done and posted, covering the climax and end of the race. Most people probably didn’t expect it to conclude in such an odd manner, but that seems to be what Homura’s life and adventures are usually like. Anyway, there are still two chapters left, so stay for more soon.

Vol 2-1 Chapter 8 Complete!

Chapter 8 has been posted, and with it, the big race event has begun! This chapter mostly introduces the mechanics of the race as well as introducing the Nutellan forms of Inari and various other new characters. The next chapter is where things get really fun, so look forward to the next update soon!

Vol 2-1 Chapter 7 Complete!

All right, Chapter 7 is finished and posting, revealing the truth about the mysterious event for the first years. Just to warn you guys, the next few chapters are much longer than the previous ones (in fact, the final four chapters take up more than half the entire volume on their own), so please understand that it may take more time for the next update. (On the bright side, more content to look forward to, right?) Until then, please enjoy this chapter as a taste of what’s to come in the meantime.

Vol 2-1 Chapter 6 Complete!

Chapter 6 is now posted. This chapter mostly deals with the aftermath of the previous chapter while setting things up for the main event of this volume that starts in the next chapter. (Along with the usual little bits of comedy between Homura and the others, of course.) I hope you enjoy reading this chapter and look forward to the next update.

P.S. Has anyone ever tried flat lemon ice cream before? (This chapter has gotten me really curious about it, but I don’t know of anywhere to get it where I live.)

Vol 2-1 Chapter 5 Complete!

All right, Chapter 5 is posted! And for those who haven’t guessed, the chapter end image this time isn’t from a scene that occurs or is mentioned in passing in the chapter, but is an obvious hint to (part of) the reason why the character who made a surprise appearance here came to the SA. I had a real good laugh the first time I saw it, let me tell you. I really gotta hand it to the author and illustrator for making such illustrations that are nearly as entertaining and informative as the story itself.

Vol 2-1 Chapter 4 Complete!

Chapter 4 is in, and with it the start of the anticipated Summer Assembly. As you might expect, there’s a lot of talking and explaining in this chapter and it contains a lot of technical terms that I had to scramble to look up on Google, but the basic science and technology mentioned here is all grounded in reality, so hopefully readers found it interesting. However, as expected of the protagonists, the main attraction starts next chapter when the Seiran High club begins their own presentation and causes a stir, letting us see a different side of the Exploration Club. Look forward to seeing it soon.